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Bengals League Standings


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I admit it. I've been lucky this year. I took a huge risk on drafting Andy Dalton, and it's paid off well. There are a lot of solid players in the running for the playoffs. The Tata's, Green, Shanks, and myself have already clinched playoff spots. This weekends match ups should pretty much set the field.

*1 Billy's Bad Boys 9-2-0

*2. The Bouncing TaTa's 9-2-0

*3. Green With Envy 8-3-0

*4. Sir Shanksalot 7-4-0

5. 7/11_ad14 6-5-0

6. Feline Felons 5-5-1

7. Skyline Chilis 5-6-0

8. The Shillelaghs 5-6-0

9. CombatBengals 4-6-1

10. Highland Horribles 3-8-0

11. NotSomeMochDraft 2-9-0

12. Cannibal Clowns 2-9-0

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