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Just 5 races left in the Chase


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What a topsy turvy year it's been for Nascar. Former 5 time champion Jimmie Johnson edges in to the Chase, has a slow start, then performs his usual magic to storm his way to the front of the points...

...until Charlotte jumped up and bit him in the a$$! JJ has no one to blame but himself for that crash yesterday running against Ryan Newman. OTOH it appears Nascar will have a different champion in 2011, and it's about time. 5 years in a row is just too many for one driver to win the Cup IMO. I'd really like to see a new face like Carl Edwards win it all.

Speaking of winning it all, I'm closing in on doing that very thing in our Bengalszone Fantasy Nascar League. Catch me if you can, and league standings as follows!

Billy's Intimidators 8,455

Ragin Cajuns 8,269

AmPiBuTe 8,220

ham slices 8,158

Bill's Team 8,104

BrownsFan4Life 7,919


hitthewall 7,898

Probably Last 5,469

Kensethrules 5,029

Force8Dominate 3,971

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