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We Got Snubbed!

Sea Ray

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I stumbled across this article listing the worst 50 head coaches ever in the NFL.


The most surprising thing is only one Bengal made the list. Only one! Dave Shula stumbled in at #33 and they couldn't even find a picture of him!

Actually I think more Bengals are deserving like Homer Rice, Dick LeBeau and maybe even Tiger Johnson and Bruce Coslet. Heck they even threw in Joe Gibbs because of his last stint as Redskins coach. If they are judging stints rather than a whole career then I think they ought to include Belichek's first go at it with Cleveland.

So what do you think? Did our Bengals get stiffed here? I think we deserve a better representation on that list

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I look through that list and see too many coaches with winning seasons and trips to the playoffs. There are a lot more coaches out there that should have been on that list. Bruce Coslet is definitely one. Coslet was a great offensive coordinator but he sucked balls as a head coach.

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It seems to have been heavily weighted for the 2000s on, except for the more spectacular failures of yesteryear. The Coslet example is a good one - you're telling me that guy is better than, say, Gibbs, Herm Edwards, and Jack Del Rio? I'm not saying any of them are good, mind you. But if I tried, I'm sure I can find ample examples from the previous decades who are just as mediocre.

I think the guy is also a big-team follower, probably NFC East. That's why you have middling candidates from the Cowboys, Giants, Eagles, and Redskins. And he clearly looked up some 0-and-XX records to get some teams that nobody else heard of.

But by his apparent criteria, LeBeau has to be on the list. You could argue that LeBeau made the best he could out of a roster with absolutely no talent. I could say the same for Rod Marinelli, who was in the top 5.

I think the answer is probably as simple as he did a shoddy job and missed a bunch.

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