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Too good to be true


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Thanks for the welcoming from my earlier post guys, yes I do go to Purdue. And yes, I am at BW3's every Sunday at noon (central time) to watch the bengals (After a long day and night of Purdue Football partying).

It's funny, Freshman year it was just my two friends and I there for the bengals as all the Bears and Colts fans laughed. Sophomore year, there were about 8 people, as the legal 3 or 4 sat in the bar area and took Irish car bombs every time the bengals scored (That Texans game we won out of our 2 that year was a crazy one! 38-3 final or something like that?). Then last year I'd say about 10-15 fans every Sunday sporting there Dillon/Johnson/Warrick jersey's as we usually got the plasma TV in the bar area for our fans being the funnest and best fants (see above: Irish Car Bombs). Now this year, I'm hoping to take over BW3's! (I am that true fan that stuck with them though, as I'm sure many of you are as well...)

But my point for writing today was that this just has to be too good to be true, right? The more I read Hobson's articles on Bengals.com (the numbers for why we'll make the playoffs) and newpaper articles, and talking to people, i get goosebumps. Please tell me this isn't a dream and that this is actually going to happen this year. Its just seems too good to be true.

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Notice how everybody shows up when the Bengals start winning?

Before I came to Amarillo, I had the same 4 fans that I always weatched games with, and they had been doing that since long before I started watching games at the bar every Sunday. Fairweather fans bother me.

So Boiler, you think Orton is gonna lead you guys to the Big 10 title this year?

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Excitement??? I haven't been this excited about going into a season in 20-25 years.Never before has there been this much young talent with so much expectations from the Bengals.Since Kenny Andeson tossing to Curtis or Trumphy and Pete Johnson hamming the hole.Anyone remember the Mexican Connection Munoz and Montoya? We had good teams back then,but usually fizzled out during the playoffs.

Excitement?? Yeah,how about all the media hype? Even they recognize the difference in quality.Selling out games should not only be easy,but tickets will be harder to get than Authentic Mexican food in Canada.

Excitement? You bet your ass! On paper this offense should score every time they touch the ball.

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