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Yup, the annual Forbes numbers are out. Bengals are the 25th most valuable NFL franchise, 24th in revenues and 5th in profit.


Jealous? Insanely. :lol:

Mike Brown should be proud! It takes a lot of small cheap towels, ramen noodle meals for the players, and cold water in the showers to be 5th in profit in the league.

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While we're on a money theme, one of the posters at CJ did a nice cap update.

Now that the offseason dust has settled, here's an overview of the team's cap situation. The figures reflect the recent extensions by Whitworth, Hall and Cook along with the Labor Day weekend cuts/trades/etc. There is still a chance additional players are extended to take advantage of the current cap room (possibilities: Pat Sims, Reggie Nelson) but some room will be held for NLTBE (not likely to be earned) incentives that the team would prefer be applied to the 2011 cap. The overall total of NLTBE bonuses is $10,268,050 but it will be more likely to be around $7M coming mainly from Andre Smith and Thomas Howard). Still plenty of room for another extension and a Carson buffer! With only 34 players under contract for 2012, I would think the front office would like to get a head start...

Roster Count: 67 (Active 53, Injured Reserve 2, Practice Squad 8, Reserve/Other 1, Suspended 1, PUP 2)

Total Cap $103,113,013

Room $17,921,987

Offense 42% $43,669,266

Defense 52% $53,787,822

Special Teams 2% $1,858,850

Dead Money 4% $3,797,075


CB Hall, Leon $8,030,000

OT Whitworth, Andrew $7,500,000

DE Geathers, Robert $6,233,333

CB Clements, Nate $5,000,000

DT Peko, Domata $4,500,000

RB Benson, Cedric $4,500,000

TE Gresham, Jermaine $4,113,750

WR Green, A.J. $3,579,655

LB Lawson, Manny $3,500,000

OT Smith, Andre $3,220,500*

LB Rivers, Keith $2,817,648

*Smith's cap figure includes the prorated amount from his second option bonus. Reedy and other news outlets have said this wasn't exercised but NFLPA records don't yet reflect that. If that bonus isn't included, the figure decreases by $1,187,500 but there is also a $1,677,500 fully guaranteed base. So basically I have no clue how to handle that at the moment! So in case Smith doesn't qualify for the Top 10 I've included #11 (Rivers) in the list.

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