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Getting glad at the Glen!


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As a rule I hate rained out Nascar races that have to be run on Monday, but after racking up 360 points this week, it eases the pain a bit. I didn't get high score for the week. That honor went to Uriah Peep with a score of 364. The standings are tightening up. The dudes with the two weirdest names are gaining ground on me.

Bring it wêreld pizza speletjies and AmPiBuTe!

League standings as follows...

Billy's Intimidators 6,144

wêreld pizza speletjies 5,840

AmPiBuTe 5,829

Ragin Cajuns 5,774

Bill's Team 5,630


BrownsFan4Life 5,504

hitthewall 5405

Probably Last 5,244

Kensethrules 5,014

Force8Dominate 3,951

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