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Defensive Issues


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I know 1 preseason game isn't much to base anything on, but I was surprised a bit at

Zimmer's comments on the defense's play.

Paraphrasing - he said the problem was loose coverage and not QB pressure from the line or backers. The ball was

getting out quickly and the rush effectively had no chance to disrupt plays.

If it was that simple, where was the in-game adjustment to change it? It doesn't seem

that difficult to tell the DBs to tighten up. It shouldn't take till the next game.

I also know that teams say they don't like to do anything exotic in the preseason, I guess

so as to not give away what they are going to do in the regular season. I'm not sure if

I buy that either, you should have sufficient different looks to be able to run at least some

of them in the preseason w/o giving too much away. Am I missing something in my thinking?

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I think this defense is going to take some time. I think they have some nice pieces, but they haven't played together, are coming from different base schemes, and there is absolutely ZERO depth at almost every position. As much as anyone might like Skuta's toughness, there's simply no way to say he's a starter in this league. He's our MLB if something happens to Rey. CB's ?? Oh hell. Safeties ?? Oh bloody hell. There is a ton of youth and while that might turn out well, they are going to be taking their lumps.

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Speaking of defensive issue, Reedy reports that Dunlap got back into practice last night and promptly reinjured his knee. By the end of the night he was back on the sideline with an ice pack on it.


-- Fanene not practicing because he isn't in shape, per Marvin.

-- Sims still hurt & Pacman is 1-2 weeks away from practicing.

-- Ghee's still out with a hammy injury.

-- Oh, and Frostee's hurt. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

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