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Chad would be lucky to be included in the top 200, let alone top 100.

Seriously though, he's not anywhere in the top 100 and that's what makes me laugh when people think he's still a top 10 WR in this league.


For what it's worth though, the top 100 players of 2011 is total bullsh*t.

It's voted on by the players, but none of the players being interviewed have claimed to have voted.

Either way, it's another top whatever countdown that is nothing more than a way to cover airtime with nothing else to discuss.

I would have rathered Hard Knocks reruns...

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Regardless of what a player has or hasn't done to this point in their career doesn't really factor into what kind of a player they are at this point in time.

Meaning, Chad with all of his receiving titles all those years back doesn't make him a better WR than Calvin Johnson in 2011.

Who would you want on your team ??

Here's something else:

Greg Jennings was ranked at #74. Is Chad better than Jennings ??

Roddy White was already ranked as well. Which player would you want on your team.

I hate Chad as much as anyone on this board and the thought of him not being on this team fills my heart with joy.

That being said, he will probably be back, but if he were to be traded, he could be helpful to another team.

I simply think there is more to seeing a Chadless Bengals team than replacing his declining skills.

It goes much deeper than that for this team.

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At this point I don't like him either, but Calvin Johnson hasn't even had back to back 1000 yard seasons. I mean he has had a good career.

That's because, over half the time, Calvin Johnson has a QB throwing to him who A) can't stay healthy, B] can't figure out how to stay in bounds in order to throw the ball, C) couldn't start for some high schools, or D) all of the above.

I'd probably nominate Calvin as a top-5 receiver easily, and if Stafford's shoulder can keep from exploding this year, I think it'll be pretty evident.

Chad's had good QBs, until recently when the whole thing imploded. I still think that dealing with Chad on a regular basis finally drove Palmer insane. I will concede that until he decided to go full douche, that he was a top 5-10 receiver easily. I deduct points because he's never been able to generate anything after the catch.

EDIT: A quick check does inform me that, had Calvin Johnson picked up 16 more yards in 2009, he'd actually have 3 straight 1000 yard seasons. In 2009 he missed 2 games, broke in Stafford, and suffered through Daunte Culpepper, so I'm awarding bonus yards to compensate.

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