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Tiki Barber Wants to Come Out of Retirement

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Any takers for a 35 yr old morning show guy to play RB at $800K? If he really wanted to play he'd have been much better off doing it 5 yrs ago. He'd likely have a Super Bowl ring on his finger too

Barber’s broadcast career fizzled in 2010 when NBC did not renew his contract. This followed Barber’s confirming he would divorce his wife of 11 years, who was eight months pregnant with twins. That announcement was Barber’s only response to widespread tabloid reports that he had an affair. Barber has made intermittent broadcast appearances since then, including during the BBC’s coverage of the Super Bowl this year.

If Barber is signed by an N.F.L. team when transactions resume, he would make at least the veteran’s minimum, around $800,000 a year. His twin, Ronde, recently signed a one-year contract to play a 15th season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Sounds like he needs the money more than anything else.

No question but his best chance to make money in the NFL was 5 yrs ago

Still, if he can get $800,000, he has to take it, as I'm sure his wife will get everything in the divorce since he left her while she was pregnant with twins to be with the babysitter.......I have a feeling we'll see Tiki on some reality show in a few years......Do they still make "The Surreal Life"???

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