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Michael Johnsons Future?


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Just wondering peoples thoughts on MJ for next season,I personally would like to see him stay at End & Start opposite of dunlap mainly keeping his hand down but every now and then he can stand up to try confuse the offense.But come Draft day if Peterson,Green & Fairly are gone do we take Daquan Bowers and if we do what does that mean for MJ? Do we simply rotate the three at end would MJ move to SLB to replace rey who would go inside?

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MJ needs to stay at defense end, no more moving guys around to postions they are not used to. Im not sure if he is an every down DE though. His future is very bright, and im very excited to see him play this year. With him and Dunlap out there, there is alot of speed at that spot.

Odom should be gone

Geathers not sure about him, im not a fan but for depth i would keep him

Fanene i would keep him for depth also

I still think the pick will be Green, because i can see them getting rid of Chad, but if not ill take Peterson. I like Bowers, but he had one great year at Clemson but that was it. He was very slow to develop in college ball, i worry how long it will take him to develop here. I wouldnt hate Bowers though, just think Peterson would be the better pick....or Green

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