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Three Games left


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I hate to say this, but I'm going to say it! I hope we lose the last three games and here is why. First off, if we start to win, that will tell the Brown family that we're turning things around, getting better, improving, and there is no need for any changes! Secondly, we'd probably move out of drafting within the top two slots. I really want that number 1 or number 2 draft pick. Want to see the Brown family have to shell out money for the pick. Or trade and get a butt load of more picks. I want a new QB. Trade Palmer to AZ or MN! They need QB's and I'm sure they'd entertain the notion! Drop chad like a hot cake. He’s not into football anymore. Now if football was all about facebook and twitter, I’d say keep him but it’s not. I say resign TO to a contract that has nothing but incentives in it. That way he would perform for us. TO has performed and really hasn’t caused any problems for us this year. But then again, he has quit on us during a few games! If Adam Jones is healed, I say resign him. He really played hard for us. Get rid of the coaching staff and bring in new guys. Guys that want to win and will provide discipline! But the bottom line is, if we start to win now, nothing will change! I hate losing to the Browns and Ravens, but if that’s what it takes to make adjustments for our team, then let’s do it. Am I crazy for thinmking like this, yes I am, but this has happened in the past and here we are with tons of talent on the team and we still can't win. It's funny that people from the outside of the organization can see the problems and issues and know what needs to be done to improve things, but the team refuses to listen to anybody. Week after week, all we hear about is, we have to play better. When exactly is that goinjg to happen? Well it won't happen with this coaching staff and this management team! I'm just saying.....

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Back to the future, 2002. That was my attitude then as well.

Speaking of, I keep expecting Marty McFly and Carson Palmer to take off in Mike Brown's Lumina - destined for the 2003 Orange Bowl and an appointment with Young Carson's knee. Right after taking a shot to the leg, his draft stock drops and, as he writhes on the ground, the helmet on Carson's rookie card turns to...a Raven. Rejuvenated with a real QB, the Baltimore wins the Super Bowl after the 2005 season.

With Palmer hurt, the Bengals take the player with the next highest grade - WR Charles Rogers. The Bengals get their QB in the top of the second, as Kyle Boller falls out of the first. Both flame out, and the Bengals win 5 or fewer games for the next 7 years.

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