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How do we beat the Steelers?


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So what do we have to do to beat the Steelers on Monday night? In my opinion here my simple plan (not that it matters):

1. Come to play four quarters of football! Start fast and keep it going all game long!

2. Cannot have any three and outs! No penalties!

3. Cannot settle for field goals!

4. Control the clock!

5. Mis up the paly calling, throw in some screens, and use the no huddle.

6. On third and short (1 or 2) run the flipping ball. If we have to put Peko in the back field as a full back, then do it!

7. Keep Big Ben off of the field!

8. Rush Ben (when he’s on the field) all night long!

9. Make tackles. Go back to basic pop warner skills, hit, wrap and bring them to the ground

Hey if Cleveland can beat the Pats and Saints, we can beat the Steelers!!! Who Dey...

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Steelers D is their team.

Despite the media back on Benjo's jock, they are 28th in passing and right ahead of the Bengals in points.

Gotta win the turnover battle.

Also, time for our All Pro kickers to win field position and capitalize on converting long FG's.

Thats the only chance.

Oh, also if someone can hijack the radio frequency from Brat's headset, we can call some running plays.

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Score more points then them. :sure:

But to go with the thread. Don't let Mike Wallace beat you over the top. Don't through from the shotgun on 3rd and 2 or less... Random stat with that I heard yesterday. Did you guys realize all season in situations 3rd and 2 or less(about 35) they have ran the ball with Benson only 5 times.... Where is the logic there?

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Keep Toothlessburger in the pocket. DON'T run straight at him to get the sack. Force him back into the pocket to get two-man sacks. Like Grizzly said, keep one safety deep. Probably have to trust the corners on their own for intermediate throws, since they'll probably need one of the safeties in run support pretty often.

On offense: run the damn ball already.

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If something works,... KEEP DOING IT BRAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm tired of giving ced the ball and him running well and then we throw an incompletion and then run for no gain and then throw a pick,.. Typical drive. Don't do that, and get some pressurre on ben... We got this

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Pressure Ben....Give Mike Wallace a 10 yard cushion (he doesn't catch ANYTHING short, but he'll kill you deep) Get an early lead, THROW A BOMB ON YOUR FIRST SNAP....SECOND AND THIRD TOO....Screw it if we go 3 and out, we're not likely to score on the first posession anyways, but by going deep, deep, deep, on the first, Cedric will have an awful lot of running room on the 2nd drive....I know it sounds crazy, but I'm sure it's not any worse than the first 15-20 plays Brat has scripted.........aw screw it...go no huddle all game.....

Oh yeah, carry a four leaf clover in your socks too......

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