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Dynamic Duo Or Dud?...You might be surprised


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With a passing game that has struggled for extended stretches this season and with all parties involved from the offensive line to the quarterback and receivers all clearly sharing in the blame for those struggles the dynamic duo has still managed to be the fifth most productive pair of receivers in the league. Only Wayne/Collie (Colts), Gates/Floyd (Chargers), Nicks/Smith (Giants) and Lloyd/Gafney (Broncos) have gone for more yards than "TOcho" this year.

Only the Colts duo of Reggie Wayne and Austin Collie have also done their damage in six games as opposed to seven since the Bengals and Colts have both already had their bye weeks. So far the Colts top two receivers have gone for 1105 yards while Chad and TO have gone for 988, 117 yards off the pace being set by Peyton Manning's favorite targets. Pretty impressive considering that they have been laboring in an offense that is clearly having some trouble adjusting to new personnel and a quarterback that has performed very poorly in three of those first six contests.

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Right now ill take a horrible passing game, for that awsome running game and defense that we saw last year. Right now from what i see is a bunch of players not playing very hard. At least last year they actully won at the line of scrimage, and pushed guys back. This year they are the ones getting pushed around.

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