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I will Solve all of the bengals problems


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This is all done during the Bye week.

1. Fire Marvin Lewis. He can draft a hell of a team but call him Marty Schottenheimer He just can't pull it all together.

2. Fire BradKowski. Just Lame.

3. Promote Zimmer to Head coach. I like his Attitude and no nonesenseness.( I know I am making up a word there)

4. Hire Dennis Green as an Offensive Coordinator. I know its just the UFL But he is coaching former NFL talent and doing alot with them.

5. Let Zimmer pick his replacement.

6. Keep Palmer for the rest of the season.

7. Sign JP Losemen from the UFL as a backup. He is better than any option we have now.

8. Draft a QB high and sit him behind Palmer Ala What Jon Kitna Did.

9. Keep Chad around but only to shine shoes.

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