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Franklin KO's Liddell


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Cincinnati boy Rich does good!

Franklin knocks out Liddell at UFC 115

By Kevin Iole, Yahoo! Sports

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – The career of former Ultimate Fighting Championship light heavyweight titleholder Chuck Liddell likely came to an end with only seconds left in the first round of his fight with Rich Franklin in the main event of UFC 115 on Saturday at General Motors Place.

Liddell missed a shot and Franklin came in quickly with a counter right hook that landed on the chin. Liddell, who was doing well, fell flat on his back after the hook landed. Franklin landed a powerful shot while Liddell was down, but it wasn’t necessary.

Franklin’s left arm was grotesquely swollen and appeared it may be broken after he blocked a kick from Liddell.

But Franklin, the former middleweight champ, didn’t seem to mind, beaming after knocking out one of the UFC’s legendary stars.

Liddell hadn’t fought since being knocked out by Mauricio “Shogun” Rua 14 months ago in Montreal at UFC 97. It was the third time he had been knocked out, and Liddell took the time off to allow himself to recuperate.

He was scoring well on Saturday and dictating the pace of the fight. He likely would have won the first round on the judges’ cards if the round finished, and he looked to apply some late damage when he was caught.

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Chuck Liddell is done...While he might still be in the game, his Chin isn't. People call him a Hall Of Famer....but he's hurting that image getting knocked out seemingly every fight by Franklin, Shogun, Rampage(twice actually), Rashad Evans. Liddel is 1-5 in his last 6 fights, getting KO'd in 4 of those....It's just sad now...Time to hang them up Chuck (21-8).

I will say this though....Had Liddell not tried to go for the Knockout with less than 10 seconds left in the 1st (swinging wildly and missing leaving him open for Franklin to connect with a short right) he most likely would have won, because i doubt Franklin would have been able to continue suffering an injury to his left arm.



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I watched that replay over five times, and I still don't understand how Liddell just dropped all his defense trying to wade in against Franklin. Bruce may have been hurt somewhat, but Chuck left himself wide open, and caught a straight right to the chin. Basically the kind of punch you don't get up from.

Sweet link there Pimp. :sure:

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