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Oh no. Not again!

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Griffey strains right hamstring, By Todd Lorenz / MLB.com

MILWAUKEE -- Ken Griffey Jr. left Saturday's game against the Brewers in the fourth inning with a strained right hamstring.

He is scheduled to return to Cincinnati, where he will be examined by Reds medical director Dr. Timothy Kremchek at Beacon Ortopedic Center.

It's not the first leg injury Griffey's had to deal with this season.

The All-Star center fielder recently missed five starts due to cramping in his left calf, and sat out Cincinnati's season opener with a right calf strain.

Griffey was chasing a ball off the bat of Milwaukee's Brady Clark into the right-center field gap at Miller Park when he was hurt. He appeared in position to make the catch, but went into an awkward run as the ball glanced off his glove.

Griffey managed to retrieve the ball and fire it to the infield, holding Clark to a triple, before Reds head trainer Mark Mann and manager Dave Miley ran out of the dugout to removed him from the game.

Already playing with a 24-man roster because Ryan Freel is in Cincinnati getting treatment for a left knee injury, Reds manager Dave Miley was forced to do some pretty hefty defensive maneuvering. Miley moved Adam Dunn from first base to left field, Wily Mo Pena from right to center, Jacob Cruz from left to right and replaced Griffey with Tim Hummel at first base.

After being limited to 234 games over the past three seasons in Cincinnati because of various injuries, Griffey has played in 80 of 87 games this season. He left Saturday, hitting .251 with 20 home runs and 60 RBIs.

Griffey is scheduled to start in center field and compete in the Home Run Derby at this year's All-Star festivities, but that now seems largely dependant on the extent of the injury.

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Me too, but im sure the ALL-STAR game is the last thing on GRIFFEYS mind.

I don't know OTT. I think Griffey really wanted to go to the All-Star game and prove that he's back. I know it's a meaningless game, but I'm sure he wanted to take the all-star game and derby to show he's still got it.

One things for sure now.. he won't be traded.

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Yes I agree KIRK. Im sure thats what GRIFFEY wanted to do to. What I meant was now that he twicked his hammy getting well is the main then on his mind.

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