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Chargers..What do we need to do to win.


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I would like to start focusing on the Chargers game this weekend.

On a bad note. Just saw here in Cleveland that after the Stains/Cheifs epic struggle ends they go to a postgame show. So not on tv here. Have to sit in BW3 for the game.

Can the Bengals stop Gates and Jackson? Can we contain Sproles?

Will we be playing catch up and be forced to pass or will we take the early lead and run, run, run.

Im hoping we try and pass a bit more to even the balance of the offense. We know we can run, but we dont know we can pass. We use to know we could pass but I have lost a lot of confidence there. A one dimensional team is easy to game plan against.

Will the defense be able to hold up against another good offense?

Will the special teams continue to be super inconsistent?

Will the player be motivated throughout the whole game due to Henry's death or will they be spent from the emotional toll?

Will the perfectly tan women and the excellent climate in San Diego distract our players?

Do we really think we will get the 2 seed?

Is anyone nervous the Ravens may have a good shot at the playoffs and that we may run into them again?

Im looking for redemption from the Minny disaster.

I think we make it a close game. But I dont know if we win. We will need more coverage help from linebackers with Gates and will NEED to get pressure on Rivers.

Who DEy!!

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I don't even know what kind of team we're going to see from them on Sunday. Will they be able to focus? Will they be fired up? Will they be somber? Who knows?

I think they can do it. My real fear is they'll fall apart the following week, so we could really use this win.

If anything, I think you won't see 85 take any plays off at all. He might make some mistakes trying too hard (fumbles when fighting for yards come to mind), but he'll be running crisp routes and blocking in the running game.

I think they bring it.

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I don't think the Chargers are nearly as complete as the Vikings. Minnesota has a very good passing attack along with Peterson. They also stop the run very well... and with Winfield back, they are much better against the pass.

The Chargers on the other hand don't runthe ball well at all. They are ranked 30th in rushing, getting fewer than 88 yards/game... and only 3.2 yards/carry! Yes they throw the ball well, but I think Joseph and Hall match up well against their WRs.

The Chargers have been winning games becausetheyve been scoring a lot of points in the passing game, and then teams get it catch-up mode. But the Chargers defense gets run on. They have good pass defense, but they have trouble stopping the run. Currently their rush defense is ranked 21st, and they are giving up over 4 yards/carry.

The Chargers are a good team... but their weaknesses play into the strengths of the Bengals. I think this game comes down to getting pressure on Rivers. If they keep him out of the endzone, Benson and LJ will be able to run out the clock and keep it a low scoring game.

I wish it wasn't in SD... but I'm fairly optimistic about the Bengals chances in this game, simply because of how they match up.

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Minnesota was a bad matchup for us. They run great and stop the run great. San Diego doesn't do either. I say the offense passes well down the field and I think they come out fired up for Henry. They need to look at how Zimmer focused when his wife died. They should be able to do the same for their friend. Bengals win it.

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I think the Bengal will be very emotional for this game. It could be a complete disaster.

Winning this game requires a massive adjustment of the passing game.

They need to get Carson in the shotgun and run some no-huddle, with Benson/LJ/Leonard being the outlet. Get the TE off the field and put Chad, Coles, Caldwell and Quan in there to give Carson several options.

If they can completely get the Chargers off their defensive scheme, then they can get into a running groove and control the ball.

When the chargers have the ball, I think the deep pass will be negated. Getting Brandon Johnson on Gates, with safety help, will neutralize him. I think the biggest concern is in them using Sproles and LT the way Baltimore used Rice, and Houston used Slaton against us. That is where I feel we are weakest and vulnerable most consistently. The RB getting the underneath screen or dump off kills us.

I am not concerned with Rivers. He has a strong arm but does throw errant balls, so knocking it down at the line and getting a pick or two could be the difference.

Bengals win in a mild upset. 27-24. Graham kicks the winner at end of the game. 45+ yarder.

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I worry about Gates in this game. We got crushed by Daniels of Houston. Gates will be the best TE we face all year. He can take over games if JJoe and HAll blanket the wrs.

I agree. Our run D should be able to keep Tomlinson in check and I really expect JJoe to be able to hang with Vincent Jackson -- but with a little help over top. This will open things up underneath for Gates and Sproles, who will be a big challenge for our D. And then there's Malcolm Floyd who has been hot. SD's offense has some good weapons.

This is one of those games where the best defense might be a good running game. I think we're all hoping to see the Bengals take a shot deep early to knock the D back on its heels and open things up for Benson/Johnson. The CJ85/Cromartie matchup will be interesting to watch.

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All we have to do is follow the example of the 81 Bengals


The Chargers couldn't run then either. JJ and Hall have to come up big. I'll tell you one more thing. It is GOOD that this game is away. It will be nice to escape the constant reminders of Henry for a couple of days.

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I worry about Gates in this game. We got crushed by Daniels of Houston. Gates will be the best TE we face all year. He can take over games if JJoe and HAll blanket the wrs.

Yeah. Gates is a good matchup for them. But Cincy did a good job with Shiancoe last week, and he's no slouch.

Gates is SD's leading receiver, so yeah... he's going to make some catches. But if they shut down Jackson with man coverage (something they should be able to do) Gates and Sproles/LT will be their only real weapons. I'm thinking Zimmer will be able to find a way to keep them covered... because Favre had a lot of trouble finding open receivers, and they have weapons galore.

I think Cincy returns to form on defense and wins a close, low scoring game.

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That Sproles is going to be a pain in our asses.

Yeah - No quick scores. Dont let him squirt away for an 80 yard bail out screen pass.

I do believe we have a chance.

Im really looking forward to this game now.

Benson looked real good last week. Want to see more of him this week. Will be nice to get Scott back if he is healthy.

LJ - Well - With Bnson healthy - he should take a back seat. Dont like the sharing of carries. Maybe one series for LJ. But please dont alternate series....Please.

My prediction....Daniel Coats gets a touchdown this week. MAybe Palmer throws the ball hard enough to get stuck in his face mask.

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Minnesota was a bad matchup for us. They run great and stop the run great. San Diego doesn't do either. I say the offense passes well down the field and I think they come out fired up for Henry. They need to look at how Zimmer focused when his wife died. They should be able to do the same for their friend. Bengals win it.

Well bad matchup somehwat but I think our defense is better then that,If we meet them again cough superbowl hopefully we'll have Peko & Crocker.

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By the way... Who is starting the offical game thread this week? Mem had that good streak at the beginning of the year, where they beat GB, Pit, Cle, and Balt. I say we turn it over to him again against a team favored to beat Cincy.

I'm down for that if Mem is, unless someone new is feeling lucky.

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Here's what the players think about playing with emotion Sunday...


The rhythm of an NFL locker room slowly began to get back to as close as business as it could Friday, one day after the death of Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry. Thursday the room was still soundproof. But Friday wide receiver Chad Ochocino put his iPod in the sound system and out came the candlelight music of Sade before going out to practice.

“Old school,” The Ocho said.

“Help calm everybody. It eases your mind,” said cornerback Johnathan Joseph.

Business as usual.

Head coach Marvin Lewis changed the practice time from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. because of the team’s Friday 6 p.m. departure for San Diego and the NFL made a call Thursday to Ochocinco telling him what he can’t do. No player can change his jersey once the regular season starts, so he can’t wear the No. 15 of the man they called “Slim” this Sunday. He was back to wearing 85 Friday.

Business as usual.

Wide receiver Jerome Simpson talked football, hoping he’ll be active for the first time this season. He knows the coaches are looking at him to fill the vertical void with Henry’s absence.

“I think I’ve had a good week,” he said. “I’ve been on point. I’m just trying to take care of the little things. I was inspired before, but now I am more so. (Henry) was my homey. I want to play as well as I can for him.”

Business as usual.

The wide receiver that had to sit to give Simpson a chance, Maurice Purify, re-signed with the practice squad Friday.

Almost business as usual.

In Henry’s locker there were some flowers along with a drawing that had been left at the front desk of the Bengals offices. The drawing was inscribed “So Long Slim,” and “R.I.P in the Eternal End Zone.” It had the No. 15 next to a stadium filled with people and Henry’s face in the sky.

“I’ve got a feeling this team is going to respond with an effort that’s phenomenal,” said right guard Bobbie Williams. “An effort that is unparalleled to our performances of the past. A lot of emotion in this game. A lot of emotion.”

Williams applauded Lewis’ move to not cancel the team’s Christmas party Thursday night, choosing, instead, to use it as a vehicle to bring the team together in a crisis.

“We need to be with each other now, not away from each other,” said left tackle Andrew Whitworth.

“You know what’s kind of funny is that’s this is how they celebrate death in New Orleans,” Williams said. “They grieve, and then there’s a parade. It’s weird that it happened like that. Chris is from New Orleans and we didn’t have a parade, but we came together and talked about that he’s in a better place and we got over the emotion a little bit and talked about the good things about him as we mingled among ourselves and our families.”

Lewis is thinks the road trip comes at a good time.

“Because people around here are continually talking about something that really doesn’t have an affect on us right now,” Lewis said after Friday’s practice. “Chris had been injured and had been away from us (on injured reserve since Nov. 9). It’s a very tragic thing, but the football team is moving on.”

And there is also the matter of being too ready to play. Lewis thought that was the case last Sunday in Minnesota when the Bengals’ bid for an upset got dashed with early penalties.

“Just enjoy (the opportunity) and go, but that’s not been our nature in the past,” Lewis said. “The team was excited last week. Maybe too excited.”

Also Friday, Fifth Third Bank began a memorial fund for Henry's four children at branches in Cincinnati, Dayton, Ohio, and Northern Kentucky.

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I've got a gut feeling that Chad ends up with a symbolic 15 catch game.

Earlier this week, before Simpson was being mentioned to play, I had a dream he caught 2 TD passes against the Chargers.

I don't know what that means in reality except I might need to get out more. Football season (Bengals, UC) this year has owned me.

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