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reds vs bucos


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Oliver Perez man thats twice he has pitched great against the REDS this year. Man he sure owns us. Maybe we can get him in a trade, you know how BUCOS like to unload players at the end of the year. Oh well wishfull thinking :rolleyes: .

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Another thing i wanted to share with you guys. I drive a semi during the week and listen to alot of sports radio and when the topic comes up on the N.L CENT. all the talk is about ST. LOUIS, CHI. & HOUSTON. its like none of the sports experts even say a thing about the REDS and that really gets me going. Some of them will say they have had a good year like thats all they are going to do for the rest of the year... :angry:

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14-4 loss today! OMG! We gotta turn this crap around! :angry:

Well, I predicted the Reds going down hard in August--NOT JUNE!!! :angry:

Until Carl "Bernie" Lindner learns to open his pocketbook for a pitcher, then you will see "football scores" like this one.

So, the Pirates scored 2 Touchdowns vs. the Reds??? That's nothing new. Pitching has killed the Reds for the past 3 years.

Carl Lindner, you SUCKOLA!!!!!


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Carl Lindner, you SUCKOLA!!!!!

:angry:  :angry:

What is it with Cincy and, how should I say this...less than capable owners! :wacko:

I hate to continuously "pat myself on the back"--but I PREDICTED THAT CARL LINDNER WAS GOING TO SUCK TOO. Here was a conversation with a co-worker of mine back in 1999 (or was it 2000??? I can't remember)

Barb's Supervisor: Hey man, did you hear that Margie Schott is selling the team to Carl Lindner???

Barbarella: Man, that f**king sucks!!! You don't want that dickhead in there!!!

Supervisor: Why not??? f**k Margie's ignorant ass and her dog!!!

Barbie: (You'd f**k her dog??? :huh: ) At least she knows how to f**king win!!! What has Carl Lindner done besides exploit South American Countries (Chiquita) and Nickel and Dime you to death???

Supervisor: s**t, you could be right.

Well, unfortunately I was. :angry: Thanks for nothing, Carl.

BTW, notice how other teams make a real shot at going for it all??? Take for example the White Sox (Jerry Reisendorf sucks too, but that's another issue). They made a trade for Freddy Garcia.

WHY THE f**k DIDN'T THE f**king REDS GO AFTER THIS GUY??????????

They need all kinds of pitching--but they do nothing. That's why you'll see the Reds 10-15 games back in September. I guess that's the difference between the Houston Astros and the Reds/Pirates/Brewers. At least the Astros TRY TO WIN.

I'll tell you (as you all already know)--IT'S HARD AS HELL BEING A FAN OF CINCINNATI TEAMS.

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