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St Louis the player or St. Louis the team


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My vote is the player....

I typically don't get into the whole player bashing thing but this is horrible. My buddies like txt me now every time the Bengals botch a PAT or FG do to this guy (like I ain't freaking watching the game and seeing it all that I need their wise crack txt messages).

I mean enough is enough, are like long snappers that hard to come by in the NFL? I am up by Chicago so don't get a chance to follow the day to day stuff down in Bengal land but does anyone know if they have even brought like other players in to idk maybe try out for this spot? It is getting to the point where you have to sweat out every snap from this guy now, shouldn't be that way on FG/PATS. You know it will be bad when we start having to go for touchdows and two point conversions on every scoring drive.

Oh yea, and the Rams, they are pretty freaking bad too...

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