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The Brown Hits the Fan


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Best stab I can take at it is that the worst (or best) case scenario would be that the 60 Brown shares are voided back to the foundation and some billionaire steps in to buy all of the foundation shares (if enough are left to have more than Brown). Maybe Mark Cuban will become the new Bengals owner :blink:

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I like this paragraph the best:

"As owner of 236 of the 586 shares of Bengals stock, Knowlton controlled the largest block of shares, something Chesley believes irked Mike Brown, current team president and son of Paul Brown."

I like this Knowlton guy already. If something irks Mike Brown, then it gets my respect. Too bad the guy had to die!!!

And too bad the guy only had 30% controlling interest in the organization, and not 70%. The guy couldn't be any worse than Mike Brown--and maybe he would be smart enough to hire FOOTBALL GUYS IN KEY PERSONNEL POSITIONS, instead of FAMILY MEMBERS!!!!

Guys--don't worry though, this will NOT affect play on the field. EVERY ORGANIZATION in Professional Sports has some drama of some kind throughout the years. Here's an example:

Georgia "Da Killa" Frontiere's, who now owns the St. Louis Rams, husband was "drowned" at sea. He was an excellent swimmer. It is rumored that Ms. Frontiere killed her husband and threw him off the ship. It never affected play on the field.

This is just another example of rich a**h***s' phallices (egos--and lack of phallices) getting in the way again. Who cares??? Let these cocksuckers fight it out--as long as it doesn't affect play.


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NFL owners are freaks of nature, no doubt.

The Mike among the freakiest. Right up there with the Bucs Malcom Glazier.

But it turns out Mike just been the majority owner for six months!

I checked back when Mike and bro Peter were in legal battle over the attempt to backtax them boys for $40 mill. Turns out the two bros halved 329 shares for $25k per share from the Old Man's shares and the team president John Sawyer.

You figure Mike had at least 165 before he bought the 60 from Knowlton -- so he's at 225, which is more than the 176 left in the Knowlton foundation.

Add the 165 of Peter Brown's and the 176 of Knowlton's left and that gives you 566 with just a 20 share remainder to total 586.

Welcome Mike Brown, you are now the majority of the Cincinnati Bengals :blink::wacko::(:unsure::angry::):rolleyes: :player:

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