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UNTAMED's Weekly NFL Predictions

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CLE @ BUF - Bills Win

WAS @ CAR - Panthers Win

PIT @ DET - Steelers Win

DAL @ KC - Cowboys Win

OAK @ NYG - Giants Win

TB @ PHI - Eagles Win

MIN @ STL - Vikings Win

ATL @ SF - 49ers Win

HOU @ ARI - Cardinals Win

NE @ DEN - Patriots Win

JAC @ SEA - Jaguars Win

IND @ TEN - Colts Win

NYJ @ MIA - Jets Win

CIN @ BAL - Bengals Win

Really don't feel comfortable with this pick. The Ravens are the #1 rushing defense but they are #23 in pass defense. I'm thinking the Bengals will start out with the passing game and that will eventually open up the running game. As for the Bengals defense vs the Ravens Offense... We got to stop the run. Period. If we do that I think we'll win this game. Like most of us already know. Joe Flacco will be facing his biggest challenge come this Sunday.


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CLE @ BUF - The Bills are in complete disarray. I think the Browns pick up their first win. Browns win.

WAS @ CAR - Panthers beat a lackluster Redskins team at home. Portis has pissed off his entire team. Panthers win.

PIT @ DET - I would love for the Lions to win, but Stafford's out and there's just no way. Stealers win.

DAL @ KC - Chiefs suck. Cowboys win.

OAK @ NYG - This won't even be a contest. Giants blow them out. Gianst win.

TB @ PHI - Eagles win by a hefty margin. Eagles win.

MIN @ STL - Rams are just not good. Minny wins.

ATL @ SF - Falcons bounce back from their loss to the Pats. Falcons win.

HOU @ ARI - Cardinals finally put a good game together. Cardinals win.

NE @ DEN - I think Denver can pull this out at home. Denver wins.

JAC @ SEA - Seahawks aren't even a team anymore. Jags win.

IND @ TEN - I don't know what's happened to the Titans, but they're barely a step above the Raiders now. Colts blow them out.

NYJ @ MIA - Jets defense is too good. Jets Win

CIN @ BAL - Hope I'm wrong, but I just don't see the Bengals going TO Baltimore and winning. The Ravens will be focused after their big loss and Flacco will be too good for our defense to stop. Ravens win.

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The only one we had different was I took the Dolphins to win that game in Miami. I may be off, but what the hell...

Yeah, I took the Bengals as well.

Great pic on Jags an 49ers. LoL I picked the 49ers to, they didn't even show up.

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Yeah, I ended up with 4 losses last week...


Don't feel bad I ended up with 5....

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