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Florida @ Kentucky!

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Still early Billy. Only a field goal down. Just finishing watching the beat down Oregon is laying on Cal. Makes me feel a smidge better about out thumping in Blacksburg. Also, FSU lost so the football Gods are showing some mercy today.

Father in law is very smug about his Bearcats.

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Watching Tebow run at will makes me worry about Roethlisberger tomorrow.

Yeesh. Lovely college player. An NFL QB never in a million yrs. Jen won't do that to us either. He is an actual QB and not a RB with mediocre speed who lines up at QB in college and our D is now solid, by NFL standards. Not the fat guy from the farm in Iowa college D good. But the fat guy from the farm in Indiana/Pago Pago who was paid to play for went to UDub/ MSU and is now paid millions to play in the NFL good.

He'll have a couple of scurries but that will end when TRRW lifts him off his feet whilst outside the pocket and bodyslams him to the turf. /fantasy

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