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It's time for the Chase now boys.


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Nascar standings for the Chase:

1 +9 Mark Martin 5040

2 -1 Tony Stewart 5030

3 -- Jimmie Johnson 5030

4 -- Denny Hamlin 5020

5 +1 Kasey Kahne 5020

6 -4 Jeff Gordon 5010

7 -- Kurt Busch 5010

8 +5 Brian Vickers 5010

9 -4 Carl Edwards 5000

10 -1 Ryan Newman 5000

11 -3 Juan Montoya 5000

12 -1 Greg Biffle 5000

I would LOVE to see Mark Martin finally capture a trophy he has long deserved!

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Hey Billy, you'll be pleased to hear NASCAR has another fan. Watched as many races as I could, loved Bristol the other week - it's like Mad Max goes racing. Nice to JPM progressing and I echo your sentiments about MM. Such an enthusiastic guy, if terribly terribly wrinkled.

:lol: Mark is slightly younger than I, yet he looks twenty years older! Being a race car driver must take it's toll on the body. ^_^

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