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tribe pitching vs cincinnati pitching starters


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well making something new out of the reds pitching thread who's pithcing would you want

Cleveland Pitching

1. C Sabathia

CLE 4 3 2.95

2. J Davis

CLE 2 5 5.46

3. C Lee

CLE 6 1 3.81

4. J Westbrook

CLE 6 3 2.98

1. C Lidle

CIN 4 5 5.29

2. P Wilson

CIN 7 0 3.17

3. J Acevedo

CIN 3 6 5.31

4. A Harang

CIN 4 2 5.43

5. T Van Poppel

CIN 3 2 4.53

No #5 starter for cleveland cuz well they r unsettled and have used multiple starters there. with this being said get a extended response type thread which rotation and why.

personally i would take cleveland because they have an established ace with a good fastball and a young pitcher in jason davis with mostly gas on his pitches and Cliff Lee and Jake Westbrook with the off-speed movement stuff and a mix of right and left handers. I dont think cincinnati has an established ace and not a good mix of pitching and horrible team era and have yet to acqqire some kind of pitching and dont have any good minor league pitching worth noting. Just as in extra thought what about trading a kearns and larson for some pitching prospects to L.A.

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Sabathia, the fat bung hole slob, is definitely one of the better pitchers in the league... I could only hope we have someone like him.

However, if you remove CC, then there's nothing but mediocore pitching.

Plus you have to add the fact that NL hitting is much better than the AL; unless you face the YankMES.

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