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how to watch Cincinnati Bengals preseason online


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Minus what appears to be the spam, I'll leave this thread alone in the attempts of having someone share one of those websites that will let someone like myself, stuck in the middle of freaking South Dakota, watch the Bengals game tonight. Anything would help, as I'm stuck like Chuck with no Bengals game to watch tonight.

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I downloaded a software program to my computer that allows me to watch the {INSERT-TEAM-NAME-HERE} preseason games and basically any other NFL or college football game online via live streaming feed. I use it because I'm at work (aargh..) a lot of times when the games are on, and there's no TV at work.

It's easy to operate and downloads very quickly. I like it so much that I watched basically the whole 2008 NFL season online last year. The only pc requirements are DSL or cable Internet and a windows operating system (sorry mac users), and it apparently works in any country.

Anyway, the website below will give you instant access.

Just thought I would pass this info on.

forget this site, especially if you have to download a program for it. I was on another bengals message board and came across a better link yesterday. I watched the Raiders game last night and it was really good quality and worked great.

Here is the link to the game


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Do NOT click on that link. It is spam, without a doubt.

If you want to watch the game, try sopcast, TVU, or justin.tv .

The first two require downloads but they are safe as long as you get it from the actual site, the last one is just a streaming site.

Good luck, and again, stay away from the original poster's spam/virus/whatever.

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Thanks DSucks and Groudhog, for the warning.

I may just wait, try to avoid the score tonite, and watch it tape delayed in the morning on NFL Network. I believe it rebroadcasts at 7:00 am est.

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So, since you guys are so helpful....where can I see the video of ESPN's Erin Andrews doing butt crunches in the nude without risking malware?


You're welcome.

I guess I should have been clearer. You see, Erin Andrews is an attractive young woman who was recently videotaped doing butt flexes in the nude....something I admit being interested in. However, downloading the video has been linked to viruses and malware. Meanwhile, the link Groundhog provided above takes the viewer to a gay porn site featuring the late Paul Braun being violently fisted while tied to a Craftsmatic adjustable bed.

Obviously it's not the same thing.

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