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Bengals Camp covered from 1-4 on Sirius NFL Radio


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It's pretty good. I got on and asked about B. Scott. They said he had the juke of the day on Michael Johnson. They said they looked like they were flying around practice unlike last year, Palmer's arm looked great, MJ was the 1st one down on special teams. Whit said everyone on D hates Cook because he goes non-stop. Solomon and Jim also said that Ced looks like he's running great. They said they won't say playoffs yet BUT they won't lay down for anyone.

Doesn't matter though. I know they're going to the playoffs. I have it paused right now in my car. I'll listen to the rest when I get out of work!

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Soly and Jim have said that they have shown more intensity and flying around the field than they've ever seen before. Zimmer is a very light spoken individual than you wouldn't expect coming from a firey def coordinator. Carson sounded like a man on a mission and so did our returning stud K. Rivers.

Overall the guys were very high on our boys, and it sounded like our D was giving the Offensive unit fits....which I'm not sure whether to be hyped or worried about that actually...

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