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Reds Pitching


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im a moran you r cuz who has better pitchin THE TRIBE who swept u guys THE TRIBE now tell me whos better? hint: THE TRIBE

No you're a moron because I've already warned you once for another topic on the forum, do it again and you'll be properly removed so you can suck on the nipple of the cow in your backyard.

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so what u idiots swept a series....great job! Mb one day within the next ten years u might make the playoffs. Indians blow worse than the expos.

Dont ban him, we need some trash talking on this forum to liven it up. This guy is a joke anyway.

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Bughole32...your post here was deleted due to it being smack outside the smack forum. Please keep it there.

To all others, please try not respond to smack outside of it home forum. (I know this is asking alot!) :lol: Report the posts, and the administrator and moderators will deal with it accordingly.

Edited by billybroome
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