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So I saw this on NFL.com and thought to myself, hmmmmmmm... a huge boost in special teams to finalize the puzzle (crossing fingers that offensive line brings a lot of "hell yeah!!!"s to us this season).

Anyways, thinking about the cap space we have, this could be a decent pick up.

Also, sorry, but I'm a Kent State grad and I love the little surprises my school has dropped in the NFL (James Harrison, undrafted free agent and now defensive rookie of the year. Antoni Gates, didn't touch a football in college, was an all pro guard on our basketball who took us from the MACC to the elite 8, then got signed to the Chargers and is now a shoe in for hall of fame tight end. And Cribs, former Kent State Quarterback, and keep in mind, our basketball program far out shunned our football program. He was a running quarterback and ended up as a very solid return specialist in the NFL) , and I wouldn't mind being about to root for Cribs instead of wishing one of our line backers closed lined him at the 15 yard line.

Check it out!


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While I love what he could do in the return game, I can't see giving a guy the kind of money he wants when he takes a spot on the WR corps and brings nothing to the table in that respect. We can get an improved return game without breaking the bank and have a WR that can actually produce on the field.

Cribbs had a monsterous season with 2 receptions and 19 yards.

Our WR corps is to deep. If that's possible...

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