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Please Mark Sanchez be a bust...

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I dont know about you all, but I love Mark Sanchez. But oh my god they(the media) will NOT gett off his nuts. Geez I know they did a lot to get him, but oh my god they lost a lot in the process. Just irratating. Sorry I just needed to vent, since all they talk about is how great Mark Sanchez is,.

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I actually like Sanchex and think he will be a good QB for the Jets. Their defense is pretty good and will support him. I do agree they spent a lot of time on the kid, but you had to see that coming when the Jets moved THAT far up to get him and the fact he went where he did. The media market in New York is going to have a field day with that pick.

I thought it was funny when he was getting interviewed later and he said he walked by a bunch of Patriots fans who started chanting, "RYAN LEAF" !!!

Funny sh*t right there !!!

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