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So that's why they have restrictor plates


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Just read this story

Rusty Wallace had a test session at Talladega with no restrictor plate. He hit speeds of 228 MPH and said he would expect that they would do laps of 238 if they worked on a setup. Now that's bloody fast. :ph34r: As much as I dislike plate racing it seems that it's here to stay.

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Yeah Kev...I read that story earlier today at "That's Racin'.com". What really freaked me out is how he said that with a little more tweaking on the engine/aero package, they would be busting 235 mph!! That's almost as fast as Indy cars, with a car that weighs about 3 times as much!

I'd LOVE to see a 50 lap shootout of the top ten in the points there...unrestricted mind you...for the cup title! Whoever lives, WINS! :lol:

Of course they couldn't have fans in attendance due to the liability factor, but it would make one hell of a pay-per-view event that would eclipse EVERY pro rassling' PPV ever held! :o

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