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As reported on Bengals.com

As the Bengals defensive line prepped for this weekend's minicamp, the club confirmed Tuesday that former Broncos defensive tackle Daryl Gardener visited Paul Brown Stadium. But there were no immediate indications that he had signed his reported four-year deal. It’s believed Gardener arrived Monday, with a free-agent visit usually entailing an overnight stay and a physical. Neil Schwartz, Gardener’s agent, couldn’t be reached for comment.

S**t or get off the pot with this one already!!

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My guess would be that it will take a day or so.

Am guessing that since his back is a issue, they will do a CAT-Scan or a MRI.

So it may take a day or so to get the results and have the Doctor render a judgement concerning it.

Could be. My own impression, gathered from the bengals.com piece, is that he failed the physical -- or at the very least the opinions of the doctors involved were divided -- and that the team is seeking further advice. It bodes well for Gardener that they're willing to "go the extra mile," but how much of that willingness is genuine belief in the abilities he brings, and how much is a reflection of their urgency (panic?) to do something about a poor run D they've virtually ignored the entire offseason, is something I don't know.

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i don't think he failed. i think the bengals are just being safe.

we'll find out soon, im sure.

Well, there isn't any reason to worry about "being safe" unless the physical tripped some alarm. If Gardener's agent is to be believed, there are no money issues, there's no other teams after him, and he wants to be here with Marvin. If he passed the phyical, you'd think they'd have signed him and told him to stay in town for the minicamp, which opens, what, the 10th or 11th?

I think they saw something that they are worried enough about to hold off on signing him until they can have a specialist or two give them an evaluation. And given that they've already flushed one starter (Gibson) and a top backup (Steele), they're prepared to go in a different direction if there's any doubt. But where...? Stubby? McGlockton? Eaton? Anyone have any thoughts on what the backup plan might be?

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