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Chris Henry hires new agent


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Bengals’ Henry hires new agent, on the right track

By Carlos "Big C" Holmes | Tuesday, February 17, 2009, 10:15 PM

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry vowed to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to make some changes in his life before serving a 4-game suspension during the 2008 season. So far, Henry has stayed true to his word and is transforming his life both on and off the field in a positive way.

As of February 18, 2009, Henry will have a new agent in David Lee of PlayersRep Sports Management. Lee also represents Bengals defensive end Jonathan Fanene and has an impressive list of other NFL clients. The agent is well respected throughout the league for his work as well as holding clients to a higher standard. That makes this a perfect match for Henry who is tying to create a new image for himself.

“I want to put Chris [Henry] on the right path,” Lee said during a phone interview Tuesday night Feb.17. “Obviously, he has to make a lot of good decisions in the future down the road. I want to get his life straightened out off the field and just let him focus on football and doing the right things. I hope this turns into a really good success story.”

The reason for a switch in agents had nothing to with bad blood with Henry’s former agent Marvin Frazier. He just wanted someone who could help him further along in his career.

Lee already has Henry taking a positive approach to the offseason. The receiver is currently working out in California with quarterback Carson Palmer and receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh and will be until March 13. Keep in mind that Henry never worked out with any of his Bengal teammates during the course of the offseason until now.

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, Palmer is excited to be working with Henry this offseason. It was stated that Palmer and Houshmandzadeh has been a positive influence for Henry and both have high expectations for the receiver this season.

“I really want to see Chris succeed, I really do,” Houshmandzadeh said. “He’s a great person and I want to see him succeed more than anything.”

Henry is out to prove to the people of Cincinnati that he is not the person they perceive him to be. He has already informed his new agent that he wants to get involved in the community and show people who he really is.

Lee said it’s not about the mistakes of Henry’s past, but the effort he’s making to move in the right direction.

The agent’s final quote was “stay tuned, because something really great is going to happen with this kid.”

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Sound good to me.

Chris has always had elite WR talent and maybe he'll finally put it all together, heading into his contract here. I believe the Bengals had it in their mind that he would eventually replace either Chad or T.J. when they drafted him in '05.

It's hard to belive it will be his 5th season already (tied for 12th longest tenured Bengal).

Chad, Henry, Caldwell, Simpson and Chatman/maybe Kelley Washington sounds better to me everyday. Much better than '02's Johnson, Dugans, Farmer, T.J. and Westbrook....or the last time we had so many young receivers that we were depending on developing.

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It's always been the thought that Henry had all the talent in the world and was more than happy to piss it away. It sure would be nice to see a focused Henry getting off season reps with Carson to develop their timing. A focused Henry ?? It's VERY nice if you really think about it. To bad you just can't count on it yet...

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Glad he realizes that he is going to be an important piece to the puzzle this year, maybe he saw how the timing was off with the WR's last year and realize that we need a fast start this year...Man if CHenry and CJohnson are the starting WR's who can you double? The TE or 3rd WR's should have a very good year...

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Good news, I'm glad MB decided to give him "one last chance" three times! I've always liked Henry and didn't care to much about the petty stuff. This kids talent is awesome... Chris Henry has the ability to become a star WR.

Thing is, he's ALWAYS had the ability to become a star WR, but his .02 cent head has always gotten in the way. Can you imagine a focused Henry since day one learning from both TJ and Chad ?? He could have not only made seeing Chad go easier, but made himself an assload of cash along the way. But nooooooooo, it's FAR better to get into all the trouble he has. I've always hoped Henry would see things turn positive for him and still think he has HUGE potential here, but you just still can't count on him regardless of him hiring a new agent...

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I really like the fact he is practicing with Carson this offseason.

How can you hear about that and NOT smile ?? It's one of the best things Bengals fans could hope for in regards to Carson and the WR's getting their timing down heading into camps.

Yeah, for whatever reason Palmer has always been oddly supportive of Henry. It's almost like Henry's this disarming (probably poor choice of words there) little kid and everybody's doing their best to save him from himself. I'm always happy to hear when any WR is working with our QB in the offseason (except maybe Chatman - I've given up on him - he'll be hurt by the end of June), so that's definitely a plus. Maybe, just maybe, Henry's finally learning a little from the past few years.

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