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Bengalszone's Fantasy Nascar League has OFFICIALLY started!&#3


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2009 will be our 5th consecutive season here at Bengalszone, and if the first four are any indication, (especially last season) it WILL be competitive! All are welcome but I ask that you remain committed to playing the ENTIRE season.

Go here and sign up with the info below.

Post about any problems, and I'll help you out. :)


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Here's who we have in the league so far...

Billy's Intimidators (Bengals fan)

shake-n-bake (Bengals fan)

bills team (Raiders Fan)

MacD's SpeedDemons (Bengals Fan)

Hitthewall (Ravens Fan)

88Dominate (Ravens Fan)

YatesHorsepower (Bengals Fan)

RAM IT (Ravens Fan)

irish fire racing (I haven't figured who this guy is yet.)

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