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The LJones,WAnderson conspiracy


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All this talk about WAnderson deserving a ring and him being hurt got me to think that, why is it that the 2 most important parts to the O-line are always hurt, is this a ploy to get the 100 million dollar QB hurt playing back-ups...We all know that EGhuicic is not the best, but 2 pro bowl players being hurt at the same time all the the smells fishy...Hows is it that WAnderson played every game for the Ravens this year, but couldn't do that the past couple of years here...The same with LJones, every year he is 1 of the people starting training camp hurt because of some injury the previous season...Maybe they know that the PAlexander backups are going to get the QB killed and everyone will be screaming to draft O-line, having to pay some OLman a ton of $, the Bengals look at where they can save $, they ask an aging vet to take a pay cut he refuses, aging vet is released from bondage and is seeing the promise land...I don;t know how many years LJones has left on his contract, but you can bet sooner or later he is going to be ask to take a pay cut, because he can't stay on the field, lets see if he does get released, if he plays a whole season with his next team...

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As much as I appreciate the flash and intrigue of your theory, I don't credit Levi with being that smart. In fact, even if Willie did plan all of that, and he left Levi a detailed note and diagram on how to accomplish the plan, I still don't think he could figure it out.

Nice. ;)

As far as Willie goes, didn't he have microfracture surgery? You don't fake that s**t. That's like cutting your dick off to beat a paternity test.

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