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end of year Bengals only MOCK

Whur CHad At?

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1. OT Michael Oher-the tackle of the future

alt. RB Beanie Wells- only if Benson isn't resigned or in jail for another DUI

2. DE/OLB Conner Barwin- will take over for one of our overpaid s**tty DE's

alt. WR Percy Harvin- a lot of risk, but a lot of reward. Look at what DeSean Jackson did in PHI

3. C Johnathon Luigs- Gay-Check nough said

alt. RB Shonn Green- big time upside

4. ILB Jasper Brinkley- take time to mature and this guy could be good

5. QB Chris Pizzotti- another Harvard boy takes over for Fitzpatrick

6. OT Nick Hennessey- give him some time and he can be a great backup

7. WR Pat White-

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Okay, Here's my stab at it........... At least until the actual draft takes place, and I feel the need to STAB Mike Brown.......Again!!

1. Eugene Monroe OT, Virginia - He's my "Wish-list" pick

2. Alex Mack C, California - Not a wish pick, but I think we can assume centers fall to round 2 with the influx of underclassmen declaring.

3a. Matt Shaughnessy DE, Wisconsin - 6'5 255, with a relentless motor. He can be dominant, and he'd already be better than Blackstock,Fanene,Rucker, and Henderson.

3b. James Davis RB, Clemson - 5'10 210, Runs with power, with good shiftiness.

------------ I'm pretty positive we'll get a 3rd and 4th compensation pick for M.Williams & J.Smith------

4a. Ron Brace DT, Boston College - '08 was John Thorntons last year with the Bengals!

4b. Demetrius Byrd WR, LSU - Good Size, average speed, will contribute faster than Jerome Simpson

5. DeAngelo Willingham CB, Tennessee - Not a burner, but plays zone really well.

6. Jason Phillips LB, TCU - Athletic, FAST, Can play Inside and Outside. Could be groomed to start! Defensive leader of a very good defense.

7. Nate Longshore QB, California - Hard to draft a quarterback considering so many will be available, but if not Longshore, the pick is.....

7. Bear Pascoe TE, Fresno St. - Sooner or Later we'll have to draft a replacement for Reggie Kelly. Matt Sherry was a wasted draft pick !!

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I'd be more than satisfied with that draft Chris. Any chance that 1-2, instead of taking a tackles first, that we could go with a rush end like Michael Johnson in the first and then one of the second tier tackles like Smith in the second?

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