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My wife brought me a Rowing machine and exercise bike


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She might be trying to say something, but I wouldn't go so far as to say it's insulting. If you ARE insulted, I have some a suggestion for her gift...

Make a big Christmas basket with a bow and everything and put the following inside:

A six pack of feminine deodorant spray, a jar of wrinkle cream, and a fruit cake...

That'll teach her !!! I would then consider some body armor as a Christmas gift to yourself !!!

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Nah, not really offended. Even if I was I keep schtum. [coward] I have put on a stone in the last 18 months. Just a little soft around the edges. 3 solid months of daily cardio will be just the ticket. Right now though, it's cold and my rugby club has 4 more months of the season left. The layer of fat is very useful.

She's practically stolen the frigging bike already anyway. :rolleyes:

Maybe I'll buy her a sword. I've She's always wanted a sword.

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