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Question for Marvin and Mike(M&M) acifionados


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Chad in a recent interview claimed this about why his production is so low:

“It’s somewhat deserving of my actions this off-season,” he said. “I won’t say it’s somewhat of a punishment, but you open your mouth and this is what you get. I understand that.

“To rant and rave in the off-season like that and to expect to be productive or expect them to use me the same way they used me in the past is very unlikely. I made my bed and now I have to lay in it. I’ve apologized about it a million times to my team, my organization, my fans.”

Now here is the question: Are Marvin and Mike so stupid as to waste a season just to punish Chad? Or is Chad hallucinating yet again while talking to some of the lamest people earning an income, a reporter?

My vote is Yes on M&M. Both very stubborn guys.

Here is the link


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This indicates why Fredo is Fredo. His ego is so self-consuming that he actually believes an NFL team would self-sabotage to punish him, not realizing that by so doing would only hurt his trade value to the team, piss off its fan base and make 2008 miserable for the other 52 guys on this squad.

On the other hand, that could explain some of the piss-poor play of the o-line. "Hey, Eric. After you snap the ball to Carson, let the defense put you on your a$$ and kill Carson so Fredo can't get a catch."

Makes as much sense this year as anything else we've seen from this team. :huh:

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Now here is the question: Are Marvin and Mike so stupid as to waste a season just to punish Chad?

I don't know about that. From what I understand he's been double-covered the majority of the year. His failure to get the ball is because Brat doesn't find innovative ways to get him the ball. Move him around, put him in the slot. They move TJ all over the place and he gets open because the defense doesn't know where he's going to go. Why not do that with Chad?

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No I don't. They might not have a burning desire for (or rather the stomach for the hard work in order to gain) success but to actively sabotage the team....nope. No real need anyway. This thing was a clusterf**k from the get go. Started sometime around February.

Plus he's back from an injury, missed time in camp, acted likea douchebag generally this offseason but still talented and so draws double coverage and playing on a team devoid of any hope, talent or determination. Plus his numbers will only fall further now that Carson is kaput.

Now, I've only been a Bengal a short time compared to most on here but might some of you patient souls even witness levels of sucking not seen for a while.

I'm just looking at how the rookies and young secondary in particular do at this point.

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"why his production is so low"

A couple of possible contributing factors -

1) getting seperation from defenders

2) getting seperation from defenders while your quarterback is upright.

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he had five catches last week, as i recall. crazy or not, he's still double-covered a lot, probably most of the time (i can never tell from just watching the game).

someone correct me if i'm wrong on this, but tj runs different routes, and those routes often are shorter than ocho loco's. tj is willing to cut across the field and risk the big hit, and that's what a struggling second-stringer or starting QB with an injury is looking for. chad's routes are a bit longer on average, and he's not able to get clear with the nano-seconds the o-line is giving whatever meatbag is pitching footballs while his own centre is timbering backwards.

don't get me wrong, i'm not defending him. i'd have traded him faster than it takes for perry to drop a hot potato (i kinda figgered the reason for bringing henry back was to drop chad in the first place), but i'm guessing that chad still plays like chad given the chance... and personal inclination.

then again, i would probably use my indoor facility to ~ oops, i guess i need to stop there.

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