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Ok so im the only one talking baseball in the ZONE this time of year so im going to tell you who should be the MVP. And its got to be Manny Ramirez. Hands down no other choice. Prove me wrong, not anyone else close to this guy. As much as you might hate Manny being Manny if it wasnt for him the DODGERS wouldnt be were they are today. It would of been the Diamondbacks there instead of them and this guy is just a freaking winner. Since his pickup he in 53 games has hit 17 HRs. 53 RBIs and is only batting .396.

So I know he all but quit on the RED SOX but how cool would it be to see him play against the SOX in the W.S....OMG!!!! :rolleyes::excited::excitedgroup:

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