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The Reds are the Rodney Dangerfield's of baseball.

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The Cincinnati Reds started this current winning streak with a sweep against the Los Angeles Dodgers. A team that is in first place in the N.L. West, then carried it on in winning the series against the Colorado Rockies, whom at the time were at .500.

This past weekend they took on the first place Houston Astros and swept them in a hard fought, extremely exciting four game set!

Now they kick off their series against the first place Florida Marlins and have decisively won the first game.

That's 9 out of the last 10 games against the some of the N.L.'s toughest opponents. And what do I hear about on Baseball Tonight!?! "Well the Reds seem to be hot at the moment."

WTF!!! They're talking like it's some kind of amazing lucky fluke, when it obvious to me this team is starting to come together like no time since the '90 season of Lou Pinella, Chris Sabo, and the "Nasty Boy's" doin' their "Wire to Wire" deal, which culminated in a World Series sweep of the Oakland A's, and the "Bash Brothers! Well we all saw who got bashed! :rolleyes:

At the moment Ken Griffey Jr. is swinging the bat reminicient of his early days in Seattle, all the while marching to his 500th home run, Adam Dunn is making his bid for the league home run lead, while Sean Casey LEADS the league in hitting!!

Fluke? Luck? I think not. With a few obvious weaknesses aside, Miley has this team playing as just that...A TEAM! When one facet has a problem, another steps up and answers.

I guess this is all symptom of being a small market team...the networks don't wanna give ya' no respect I tell ya'! :lol:

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Well, I'm not going to compare them to the 90 Reds, but they are playing way like the 1999 club that was one game from the playoffs. Like the Bengals early in the '03 season, I think the Reds are surprising people and everyone is taking a conservative "save our ass" approach because many believe that we are not a competitive team. But I agree with you Billy, we are winning and we haven't fallen hard on bad times even when we had that struggle against the Brewers we still rebounded.

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Agreed, we have stepped it up and overachieved. No respect? Not sure if we deserve any just yet, if we are still near the top by the break, then we deserve a lot of respect....time will tell.

Well it may slowly be coming. This article is from MLB.com, and it's a good start, for the Central division as a whole really! B)


Among other more important things, Memorial Day reminds you summer is here, and that the boys of summer are about to kick their season into high gear.

As barbecues get fired up around the country, a quick check of the standings reveals that baseball's cooking up something a little bit different this year.

There's certainly nothing quite like the early heat emanating from the NL Central.

With all six teams at or above .500 after Sunday's games, the NL Central is taking its winners-only status toward historic lengths. The last time an NL division had everybody at .500 or better through games of May 30, the traditional date of Memorial Day, was back in 1996, when the four-team NL West all stood tall on the holiday.

The NL Central has a long way to go before taking this no-losers-allowed attitude to the extreme. In 2000, the AL West had all four of its teams at the break-even mark or better as late as July 15.

In '96, after the three-division system began but prior to the birth of the Diamondbacks, the NL West had all four teams at .500 or better as late as June 23, when the Giants slipped beneath the waterline for good en route to a 68-94 finish.

But this here in the NL Central is a six-team scrum of teams fighting to stay above .500. Moreover, this is a division that many thought would have only two surefire winners in Chicago and Houston and possibly a third in St. Louis.

And right at the top is arguably the surprise team of the season: the Cincinnati Reds, at 29-21 just one game off Florida's pace for the best record in the National League.

Nobody predicted that.

"I don't think anyone could try to guess what (our) record would be -- especially with the division we're in," said Reds closer Danny Graves, who already has set the all-time May record with 13 saves and has 23 overall. "We all knew we could compete, we all knew we had a decent team and we knew we needed to do the little things to win, and that's what we've done."

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