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Phil Savage at it again

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I just read on the Browns official site that they have traded their 2009 7th round draft pick for CB Travis Daniels from the Dolphins.

Apparently, this guy was at the bottom of the NFL in giving up 10.9 average yards per pass play. Nice pick up Browns! Now you only have 4 picks for next year's draft to use for other bad trades. Nice.

It seems Savage is starting to resort to some desperate tactics (I know the Bengals got Henry out of desperation, I know). The Browns potential awesome defense isn't anything without a secondary and Savage is resorting to his method of trading away picks. Not really a good idea if you're continually having a limited draft to build with. Ya think?

Dolphins trade Travis Daniels

By Edgar Thompson | Wednesday, August 20, 2008, 01:59 PM

Defensive back Travis Daniels’ up-and-down career with the Dolphins has ended.

The team announced it has traded Daniels, a fourth-round pick in 2005, to the Cleveland Brown for an undisclosed draft choice.

Daniels started 25 games during three seasons for the Dolphins, but his play dropped off significantly since his rookie season under Nick Saban, his former coach at LSU.

Daniels had 62 tackles and 13 passes defended as a rookie, but had a combined 63 tackles and six passes defended the past two seasons.

Daniels, 25, bottomed out last season, when he routinely gave up big plays and seemed to lose his confidence. Daniels allowed an average of 10.9 yards per completion in 2007, ranking among the worst in the NFL.


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