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Wow. Talk about a really tough week. I'm surprised I'm still in first. Congrats to Yates Horsepower with high score out of a rough race to call.

1 Billy's Intimidators 4,710

2 MacD's SpeedDeamons 4,672

3 YatesHorsepower 4,626

4 shake-n-bake 4,495

5 bill's team 4,487

6 Force88Dominate 4,400

7 BZone24 4,394

8 Vote Danimal in '08' 4,372

9 hitthewall 4,343

10 Stewart_In_08 4,325

11 Speed Deamons 2,237

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Did anyone have Micheal Waltrip on thier team this week knowing he was going to finsh in the top 5, let alone 2nd? If so, let me know how you were able to see this wierd finish coming.

Nobody in their right mind would EVER choose Michael Waltrip. You just witnessed his best finish of the year due ONLY to not pitting on the last yelllow.

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