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Kingwilly's V3 Mock - WR RELOADED, aka closing the CJ chapter


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This revision addresses WR, which in light of a possible CJ trade, is suddenly the biggest issue. With Henry gone, CJ mentally unable to perform and the likes of Chatman, Holt and Gabriel (and Maxwell) backing up TJ, this position needs a full reload.

Speculative Assumptions: CJ goes to DC for 2008 r1 and r2 picks (which is what I think it will take)

Changes italicized

1st Round

1 Miami - Jake Long OT - Far more important to long term success of Parcell's reign than a DE

2 St. Louis - Glen Dorsey DT - immediate starter with immediate impact. - was Chris Long

3 Atlanta - Matt Ryan QB - buries the memory of Vick, franchise can now move on.

4 Oakland -Chris Long DE - wonderboy slips a bit and ends up in the Black Hole. - was Gholston

5 Kansas City - Vernon Ghoslton DE - resolves the loss of Jared Allen - was Glen Dorsey

6 New York Jets - Darren McFadden RB - takes pressure off whoever will be their starting QB.

7 New England (from San Francisco) - Leodis McKelvin CB - assures def backfield is reloaded

8 Baltimore - Ryan Clady OT - Need to get Oline back up to NFL standards.

9 Cincinnati - Sedrick Ellis DT - no brainer.

10 New Orleans - Rogers-Cromartie upgrades weak DB's

11 Buffalo - Aqib Talib CB- need DB's and bad...WR could also go here

12 Denver - R. Mendenhall RB - Denver needs to give Cutler a serious RB to take off the pressure.

13 Carolina - Brian Brohm QB - wild speculation on my part with this pick but Delhomme is in decline. Brohm could be future at Carolina

14 Chicago - J. Stewart RB - Benson experiment is about over and you need a guy to be ready to come in a produce.

15 Detroit - Philip Merling DE - with the 3 best RB's off the board they go D with

16 Arizona - Keith Rivers LB - handlily reloads the LB spot that saw mass exodus in FA.

17 KC (from Minnesota) - Jeff Otah OT

18 Houston - Chris Williams OT - with Schaub and Andre Johnson, they need to get time. - was Otah

19 Philadelphia - Devin Thomas WR - was Malcolm Kelly but he exhibited his attitude problem...

20 Tampa Bay - Limas Sweed WR - need a #1 WR

21 Cincinnati (via Washington) Quentin Groves DE - Need depth at DE as Rucker and Fanaene are not enough

22 Dallas (from Cleveland) - Reggie Smith CB - need CB depth - was Derrick Harvey

23 Pittsburgh - Kenny Phillips S - perfect Ying-Yang with Polamalu

24 Tennessee - Derrick Harvey - versatile DE replaces Odom - was Reggie Smith

25 Seattle - Kentwan Balmer DT - need more D-line depth - was Chris Williams

26 Jacksonville - DeSean Jackson WR - need WR depth with speed.

27 San Diego - Calais Campbell DE - perfect fit for SD 3-4 schemes

28 Dallas - Felix Jones - Jerry gets solid RB - was Mike Jenkins

29 San Francisco (from Indianapolis) - Gosder Cherilius OT - Smith looks like a Carr repeat but at least some blame can be due to O-line.

30 Green Bay - Brandon Flowers CB - Woodson can't play at a high-level too much longer...need a CB who can be ready.

x -New England (pick forfeited due to cheating)

31 New York Giants - Dan Conner LB - LB depth is concern, Conner helps solve issue.


Bengals r2-r7

r2 (46) Andre Caldwell WR - needed - was Manningham, soured on him with the mary jane admission (not that I care but the team does)

r2 (51 - via Washington) Tracey Porter CB

r3 (77) Pat Sims - DT - position that needs most help, with the impending Thortnon release. serious depth needed.

r3 (97) Donnie Avery WR - needed - was Chris Ellis

r4 (112) Ezra Butler - LB improves talent and depth over guys like the 3 M's (Manning , Maxwell, Mays)

r5 (145) - Lavell Hawkins WR - needed - was Kory Lichtensteiger

r6 (177) Chad Rinehart - G improves depth, opened BIG holes for Mendenhall.

r6 (207) Mike Gibson T/G - will probably be taken higher as he is versatile.

r7 (244) Tony Temple RB - serious sleeper. can produce, will push Rudi/Watson.

r7 (246) Darnell Terrell CB - big fast guy, poor mans (read Mike Brown) Cromartie.

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Dont see Temple falling to the 7th round, and I would rather get a RB sooner than the 7th. Three WR's also seems to be 1 to many for me.

Cant say as I would be real upset if the draft came out this way though.

Temple could slip through the cracks...I'd entertain taking him upwards of r5...he is very good and a real sleeper.

I would hope that one of those two O-linemen could play multiple positions because Center needs depth with the loss of Stepanovich...


I think they are grooming Livings to back-up at C, hence the release of Stepanovich but I agree versatile OL picks is a bonus...Gibson could go higher as he is pretty versatile.

I know they like Groves, but I've heard that Marvin likes Harvey at 9, so why would he pass on him at 21?

A few of my reasons:

1. This assumes Ellis is there at 9.

2. Groves can also drop and play OLB and might fit better with what Zimmer might try

3. bengals have knack for taking college teammates...Auburn gets the nod this year with the Groves/Sims tandem.

apart from these reasons, they very well could grab Harvey if they are happy with the current LB's (doubt it) and want a true 4-3 end.

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I would have rather taken Connor with the 2nd first.

Oh, come on....Conner(Caleb)? Have we not had enough of 230lb MLB's who are "gamers".....?

In my scenario, if we wouldn't take Groves for a Suggs/Ware type role, then at least take Mayo...he is bigger and faster than Conner (Caleb) and an inside player.

I want dudes who will be able to get around Joe Thomas, stuff Willie Parker and sack the crap out of Matt Ryan.

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