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"It's a big win for us," said Danny Graves, who earned a one-out save. "They had the best record in the National League. The confidence level is pretty high in here right now."

The save tied him with John Franco for first place on Cincinnati's all-time saves list with 148.


I'm starting to feel the Reds pulling out of the slump of the past week and a half. My hat is totally off to Dave Miley. Before this season began when he was appointed manager, I seriously had my doubts. He's totally proved me wrong! Just like Mike Brown did by hiring Marvin Lewis!

If this kind of stuff keeps up I hope I'm wrong ALL the time!! :lol:

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It was definitely a good weekend to be a redsfan. :)

Hope it continues through a world series championship. :D

How many of those does Oakland have? :ph34r:


I don't think Kitared views the Reds/MLB forum, but to answer your question, and as the 1990 Wire to Wire World Series Sweep the Reds pulled off on the (not so) Athletics attests to...Not EVEN CLOSE!!


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We had great pitching this w/e against dem DODGERS best n da WEST. :D Man keep on thinking this team of young wipper snappers might gell into a pretty good team. Im crossing my fingers and toes cuz you know anything can happen in this crazy game. We get KERNS back(he is tearing it up in louisville) and keep him healthy that will make us that much better. GO GRIFFEY!! Keep it up. B)

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