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Saints wanna move up


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Posted by Michael David Smith on April 16, 2008, 7:24 p.m.

The conventional wisdom around the NFL is that no team wants to trade into the first few picks in the draft because of the exorbitant salaries and signing bonuses that top picks receive. But one team might be looking to buck that conventional wisdom.

Adam Schefter of NFL Network reports that the Saints have made informal inquiries about what it would take to acquire the Rams’ first-round pick, No. 2 overall.

The Saints currently own the 10th overall pick, and under the draft trade chart that has been used for the last two decades, the Saints would have to give up a bounty of draft picks to move from No. 10 to No. 2. But some teams are circulating a new trade chart, and on that chart, a trade of the Saints’ first- and second-round picks for the Rams’ first-round pick would appear reasonable, if possibly a little too favorable to the Saints.

If the Saints did make the trade, what would they do with the No. 2 pick? Schefter reports that New Orleans wants one of the draft’s top defensive players, likely LSU defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey or Ohio State defensive end Vernon Gholston.

If the trade doesn’t go through, the Rams could take Dorsey, Michigan offensive tackle Jake Long or possibly pull a surprise and select Arkansas running back Darren McFadden.

Hmm this could spell trouble for the chances of bengals getting Ellis,even if they don't go for him at 2 might prompt another team who wanted Glenn or Vernon .

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This is why the thought of the Bengals sitting at #9 and "hoping" Ellis or Dorsey falls is crazy in my opinion. IF they truly are targeting one of these two, they have to make a move to get them. There are other teams willing to make that move and have the same needs as us. While I am not saying they ABSOLUTELY should do this, I am saying if you WANT a guy, GO GET HIM !!!

I really think if there is not a significant improvement at the DT position this year will only lead to yet another season of watching a pathetic excuse for a defense not be able to do sh*t...


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