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Browns blow it again!

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The Browns' management shakeup continued Thursday with the dismissal of Lal Heneghan, Cleveland's vice president of football operations/general counsel, in a move that stunned many NFL observers. I keep hearing this promo on espn radio where an "expert" says that the browns made the worst move of the draft by trading picks to move up one spot to get Winslow, who would have been available anyway. He also says that with the management shake ups that are taking place, the Browns are setting themselves up to be one of the worst five teams in the league.


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I love it...The Browns are imploding while we watch, it's great. They keep giving Butch more power, and what has he ever done to show that he deserves it? Not a thing. I just have to laugh.

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I guess to add insult to Injury, they just Resigned Dennis Northcutt to a 3-year deal ! :lol:

Even better, check out the opening like of the sportticker story on the signing:

BEREA, Ohio (Ticker) - Disgruntled Dennis Northcutt is backĀ  with the Cleveland Browns.

It wouldn't be the AFCN without one "disgruntled" player, eh? :lol:

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