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Averagest Team Ever


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Well, there's no real "analysis" here, just a data point.

As for the 2003 Panthers, it just goes to show that a steady but unspectacular team can go a long way if it catches some breaks. And Carolina did: they were the only team in their division to post a winning record, and they got to play an easy schedule outside of it (versus 4 and 5 win teams like the Giants, Texans, Lions, Redskins, Jags and Cardinals). Most of their games were close wins or losses (12 of 16 regular season games were decided by a TD or less, in 6 of those the margin of difference was a FG). The only team they blew out was the Falcons (by 20) and the only time they got pounded was a 20-point loss to the Titans. Finally, 2 of their 3 NFC playoff opponents were teams they had played and lost to in the regular season, Dallas and Philly.

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