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Dear Chad Johnson


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Oh please Chad, don't leave us, you are so great and why would you want to hurt our little feelings ?? WHAT THE F*CK EVER !!!

I don't think anyone here is saying that Chad is the reason we are losing, but he's an issue that has gone beyond the normal bounds of wanting to hear about. It's old, it's tired, and quite frankly, if it means he gets traded away, I'll be more than ok with that...

You want a tip Chad ?? Don't eat yellow snow motherf*cker !!! Beyond that, go play football and win some games for the Bengals and be a part of the reason we get back to the playoffs and beyond. Wait a minute, isn't that your only job description ?? Hmmmmm...

Enough already !!!


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The only reason why Cincinnati hasn't traded him is because there isn't anything of value that you'd get in return !!

The closest thing to possible getting his value in return is draft picks, because there aren't alot of guaranteed 90 + catch, 1300 + yards a year wide receivers in the NFL !!

I didn't like the story about the fight with Marvin either, and If he had swung on Marvin, then I am done, D-O-N-E, with Marvin Lewis as the Bengals coach. Nevermind the botched draft picks, failure to get quality coaches on his staff, and failure to sell the team to free agents, and his own players, but damn man?? Anyone who swings on me, had better know that one or more is coming back on them !!

I think it's apparent that Marvin Lewis is a fraud ! When he was in Baltimore and had to MAN up because he was around guys like Ray Lewis who would've punked him at the first sign of weakness, he manned up!

- But here in Cincy' where he works for an idiot owner, retarded personell management front office types, and a loser's mentality bread into each and every player , Marvin has settled right in to who he really is

A Punk ! :angry:

Dallas has 2 first rounders , I say trade the f*cker !

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