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There's a new Juggernaut in Nascar


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It's the Fords of Roush/Fenway Racing! Carl Edwards carl_edwards_shirtless.jpg wins his 2nd consecutive race, Biffle finished 3rd, Keneseth would have been second had not Jeff Gordon pulling a rookie move in the final laps and spun him out. Jeff ended up totally destroying his #24, but maybe next time he'll get his brain in gear at the same time as his car and not end up as his own worst enemy!

A quote from the aftermath:

HARD HIT: Four-time series champion Jeff Gordon was critical of Las Vegas Motor Speedway following his hard hit on the inside retaining wall late in Sunday’s race.

Gordon’s spinning Chevrolet went headfirst into the wall for the “hardest I’ve ever hit” after contact with Matt Kenseth. Gordon was upset the wall didn’t have the SAFER Barrier that is pretty much standard on the outside walls.

“That kind of hit shouldn’t happen,” Gordon said. “There is no reason why any track we go to should have that. I could have been really hurt bad.”

Jeffy boy, how about not wrecking other drivers and yourself, and you might stay out of the walls no matter what type they are dumbass.

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I have to admit I was bummed when they showed him moving right after the wreck. Not that I want him dead, good God the coverage on that would be just as bad as Favre's right now. I just would've liked to see his ass on a stretcher and out of racing.

Oh and the new Jaggernaut thing, nope. They cheated. Didn't put that oil cover on.

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Oh and the new Jaggernaut thing, nope. They cheated. Didn't put that oil cover on.

I'm watching the Nationwide race in Atlanta right now, and Roush cars are still big contenders. They remain a Juggernaut.


Maybe they're running NOS this week.

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