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We can do better than the Geathers / Fanine combo at DE


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Justin Smith is a 49er and the Bengals and Marvin Lewis are trying to say that either

Fanine or Rucker can fill the void. .....Most NFL teams TRYING to make the play-offs

wouldn't be content with our DE situation as it is.

Fanine has yet to prove he is an NFL starter let alone a dominate part of a play-off team.

As for Frostee, I know some people like his name but was else do you like about him.

Besides getting arrested, what else has he ever done ?

I think I would rather have a Frostee Root Beer than a Frostee Rucker.

We have Geathers now at DE and thats about all we've got. Fanine might be a capable

back up. But we need that monster DE now. Maybe a free agent ? Then again there are

at least 3 DEs that are worthy of us drafting at # 9 in the first round. Somebody that might

come in and do for our defensive line what drafting Munoz once did for our offensive line.

As for this sales pitch on Fanine and Rucker, its no soap.

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