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Vick sentenced !!!


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Well, this is now a done deal and they say while there is no parole in the Federal System, he could get time off for good behavior. My take on all of this is whatever and I think he's an idiot for giving up all he had. The thing that gets me is his attorney making the comment about asking for a reduced sentence based on the fact the Vick grew up on some of the roughest streets in the state. Now while this may be the case, he was the #1 pick in the 2001 draft, made millions in his contracts, made millions in his endorsement, and yet we should somehow feel sorry for him based upon "where he came from" ?? GET THE F*CK OUT OF HERE !!! That in and of itself is enough to make me sick... He's a dumbass plain and simple !!! I can't believe people still defend this guy.

Yes, he made a mistake and yes people can support him, but don't ask me to feel sorry for this mega-millionaire based upon where he was from...


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Vick? What did he do? Wow, must have been something big for almost 2 years of prison! Maybe if I turn on ESPN tonight during the Monday Night Game they *may* just talk about it. Then again, they probably won't. They seem to never cover this Vick stuff. Weird.

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Yikes, he won't see daylight until Sept-Aug of 2009 after the good behavior/time served. And he's still not done with the state charges.

3 years straight out of football and no training at all. 2 years of bad food and minimal nutrition. At least he'll stay slim and his legs will be rested.

I see a brief, triumphant return in 2010 and not much of an impact. Career finished over "dog fighting rings." How incredibly stupid to blow that kind of fortune you work your whole life for, and is a chance billions of people would love to have, over some street cred, macho, peer pressure bullshi%.

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